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How it works

So many things Sell :
We now also own Antiques, Odds & Ends. It is a great fit with our eBay store and it allows us a chance to sell items that we may not be able to sell on ebay.  We will do whatever we can to sell a customers item for the highest price we can.

Itmes that sell
you can look up items yourself:

  • Go to the ebay site
  • tupe in the item you would like to sell
  • on the left side click on Completed Auctions
  • notice items are in red or Green
  • Green shows the price the item sold for
  • You can match it with the item you have to get an idea of what your items current value is.

If you are having trouble NO Problem!

Bring your items in
We will assist you in looking up your items.

  • This is Free
  • You are not under any obligation to sell your items.

Estate Sales:  We take care of all aspects of the sale. We will come in with tables and racks. We will tag your items, sell them and even take care of the advertising.  If you need someone to come in and work with you because you don't know what is valuable we can do that too.  Don't make a costly mistake. It is better to ask if you are not sure. 

Garage Sales:
We can  take care of your Garage or Rummage sale for you.  If you would just like to rent racks or tables that is not a problem either.  Let us know how we can take the stress out of selling for you.

Since we work on a commission basis it drives us to sell the item for the highest possible price.  Also remember that the buyer pays the shipping for the item. 

Furniture & Cars

  • We come to your home
  • Measure the furniture
  • Take pictures of the furniture
  • List the item
  • When it sells the buyer takes care of any shipping of the item.
  • Size is not a problem.
  • We have shipped cars across the country and furniture from one piece to a whole room.
  • Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles etc...
  • We have experience in selling vehicles of all kinds
  • We take care of all aspects of shipping
  • We write detailed effective auctions.
  • eBay is the Largest Dealership in the World



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