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We Sell it 4 u  & We Buy it 4 u

We Sell & We Buy

We can sell it for you on eBay or we can buy your item from you.  We do both, depending on the item you have.  If we sell the item on ebay  for you we work on commission.  We believe our knowledge of the market and understanding the auction system combined with our high rating we consistantly pulll the highest prices paid for items. 

Selling an item on eBay:

  • We research the item
  • Write a detailed description of the item
  • -measurements, weight, statistics, features etc.
  • Take pictures of the item
  • Post the item
  • Answer questions from potential buyers
  • When the auction closes, invoice the buyer
  • Collect the funds
  • Pack, insure and ship the item.
  • Pay the Customer
  • We Are Different: We sell to the World and We have NO  Limits on what we will sell for you!
  • We charge the lowest Commission and we will pay 1/2 your ebay fees.

We also Buy many items.
We buy Jewelry, Silver, Platinum & Gold (both fine and scrap), Electronics, Tools, Game Systems, Games,  Old Toys, Vintage items, Vintage Lingerie, Coins, so much more.  If you bring it in and would like to sell the item, please. let us know!   We will do our best to make it a win-win for both of us.

Pick up
If you can't get to the store please call and we will try to do a pick up. Furniture : for a low 20.00 fee we can come to your home, take the pictures needed, measurements and get your auction up in just a few days. If it sells we take care of all aspects of shipping your item with no work on your end at all.


Things that sell: Just about anything and everything. If you have it and want to sell it let us know. I will look it up for FREE with no obligation to sell. Don't throw anything away. If you are going to get rid of it anyways. Let me look it up and see if it is worth something first.

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